Our Commitment To Sustainability

We work with farmers all across India, in over 12 states. We not only maintain ecological balance of soil, water and overall atmosphere through organic farming, but also help small and marginal farmers create and maintain sustainable livelihoods

We have a unique farm to kitchen traceability which ensures the organic integrity, purity and consistent quality across our product range, thereby allowing our customers to enjoy nutritious and healthy food adhering to international standards.

With a range of more than 150 products, we also sell our products in USA, Canada, Australia and Middle East.

Our Commitment To Quality

We at Organic Earth have a no compromising attitude towards quality. We ensure that there is no impurity in the food that reaches your table and the food that you eat is 100% organic without any adulteration. Our products our thoroughly checked for all quality parameters as per international standards. Our use of standardized quality and testing parameters ensures that the final product meets all quality guidelines.

Our Commitment to Accountability

All farms and processing units are inspected by accredited third party certifying bodies as per the Indian Organic Standards (NPOP) thereby ensuring that all the norms regarding organic farming are followed to the dot and also ensuring that the processing steps do not involve any use of chemicals and preservatives.

Our Certifications

We are certified organic as per India Organic (NPOP) By Ecocert India Pvt Ltd. Required Fssai Licence and other permissions have also been acquired. We strictly adhere to stringent norms set by APEDA, Ministry of Agriculture with respect to transaction certificates used in traceability of the organic crops.